Welcome to Bramble & Beast, a creative outlet combining my two greatest passions, food and photography.

Having grown up on our family farm on Exmoor, my cooking has been inspired by the country lifestyle; seeing first hand what it takes to go from field to fork, not to mention being surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes in the country. So much so, that when I am not cooking, I love to wander through the landscape with my camera and take a snap or two.

Devon is a place where eating seasonally and cooking with local produce go hand in hand. I find this is the best way of ensuring you are eating the most nutritious and flavoursome food. I always try to use fresh local produce when I’m cooking such as game, hedgerow berries, seasonal vegetables, or whatever I can lay my hands on. There is something quite humbling about knowing the story behind your food and also supporting the local communities.


These days I live in London, where I work as a freelance photographic retoucher in the fashion and advertising industry. However, I still manage to head back to Devon regularly, not only to help out on the farm, but also to escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

Living in London and frequently escaping to the country gives the best of both worlds. While hearty country style cooking is what I know and love, living in the city provides the opportunity to dine at restaurants world class chefs. This in turn drives me to experiment and try new things. London also gives me access to fresh produce from all over the UK, through a range of increasingly popular farmers markets.

I always look forward to returning home and cooking in the family kitchen. Whether it’s something impromptu, a recipe I have been waiting to try out, or simply something I just have a craving for, time is always made to cook!


For me cooking is something I find both relaxing and enjoyable. I love to host; cooking for people is a great way to ensure that time spent with friends and family is always an occasion. The joy of sharing my recipes with others is the most rewarding part, and hopefully through this site I can share them with you.

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Best, Jake