Griddled Asparagus

with rapeseed oil, lemon & salt

Take a griddle pan and get it piping hot over a high heat.
Coat the asparagus in rapeseed oil and place on the griddle.
Leave on the heat for approximately 3 minutes then turn over with some tongs and continue for a further three 3 minutes.
Cut two wedges of lemon to serve then squeeze the rest all over the asparagus and crumble a good pinch of sea salt followed by a good shake in the pan.
Serve and eat immediately!


This is quite possibly the best way to eat asparagus. This is more commonly done in a frying pan and olive oil used. The reasons for the slight chances are for good reason. When asparagus cooks on a griddle it takes on a lovely nutty flavour and with the rapeseed being inherently nutty in flavour the pairing is perfect. Asparagus has for many years been considered a gourmet vegetable and in my eyes is more than worthy to be a dish in itself.

the simple ways are usually the best ways

As there are varying sizes of asparagus a quick test is to check the tips are tender with the point of a knife. You can also check if it is over done by taking the whole spear and trying to snap it at the base, if it does then it still will have a bit of bite.
Asparagus growing seasons in the UK are generally late April to late June. One of the highlights of spring and early summer!

Heasley, Devon
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