Mixed Game Meatballs

in red wine with wild mushrooms

To make the mixture for the meatballs, take a large mixing bowl and add the mixed game, pork, eggs, celery salt, a generous amount of cracked black pepper, thyme, oregano and nutmeg. Mix well until all the ingredients are mixed through evenly.

Now add the breadcrumbs and a splash of milk and mix through.

Onto some grease proof paper, roll the meat mixture in your palms to balls roughly 25mm in diameter.

Put a pan boiling to steam the chard.

Then put a large frying pan on a medium to high heat with a large knob of butter and a glug of oil. When the butter and oil is hot add the balls by rolling them in a few at a time. Keep the pan moving if you can so that the outsides firm avoiding them misshaping. Continue to fry for 5 minutes, moving the pan regularly.

Crush the garlic into the pan, turning it down to a medium to low heat, followed by the wine and give the pan a good shake. Simmer for 10 minutes then add the mushrooms and continue to cook for further 5 minutes.

Steam the chard and serve together.


Mixed game is great to use as it is reasonable value due to it generally being the offcuts from the butcher. It usually comes in small chunks but you can get your butcher to mince it for you. The meat that I have used is composed of pheasant, duck, pigeon, partridge, venison and rabbit.

The whole woods

The variety of meats adds the benefits all their flavours, however as game meat tends to be quite lean, adding the pork mince adds a good amount of fat keeping it moist so try to get hold of some pork that is as fatty as possible.

Bentwitchen, Devon
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