Peach Salad

with grilled lettuce, tomato & lemon dressing

Firstly, put your griddle pan on the hob and get it up to a high heat.

Chop all the ingredients into wedges, the lettuce into 8 wedges so that there will be two pieces each. When chopping bare in mind that you will be dividing everything between 4. I would say for each person: 3 pieces of tomato, 5 pieces of peach, 2 pieces of lettuce and 5 small basil leaves is about right.

Without any oil, press the lettuce down on the griddle being sure not to move it about, doing both sides for a couple of minutes each, or until they are charred.

For the dressing, squeeze the juice of a small lemon and add the sugar and vinegar with a crack of black pepper. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Now add an equal amount of oil and mix well until all is combined.

Bring together all the chopped items on four plates and and then drizzle over the dressing.


Salads like these are great as with very few ingredients there is more emphasis on each one. Many fruits go perfectly in salads, after all a tomato is a fruit. They can add another dimension and ease the transition between dishes.

Sweet for savoury

The peaches also griddle very well causing the sugars to caramelise slightly getting a more mellow taste from them. If you ever have under ripe peaches or ones that just seem a bit bland, griddling or baking them can make them more interesting to be added to another dish.

Exmoor, Devon
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