Rhubarb gin

First, wash the rhubarb and cut it into small pieces, discarding the ends.

Take a large jar with a lid or a demijohn and sterilise by rising out with boiling water and then drying.

Place all the ingredients in the jar or demijohn and seal. Give a good shake until you see all the sugar has dissolved and set aside in a cool dark place.

Continue to give it a little shake every day for the next week and then every few there after.

It should take 2 to 6 weeks to infuse.

When you are happy to bottle, the rhubarb goes quite slushy and bitty so it will need to be strained well. Place some muslin, a couple of sheets thick, over a funnel and let it strain through.


I have been freelancing for a studio in East London recently and so I took big bottle of this gin in on a Friday so we could all have a drink towards the end of the day. A long story short…it got the party spirt into everyone and went down very well all in all.

Fashion industry approved…!

In terms of how long to let it rest and infuse; mine was for 3 weeks and the rhubarbs flavour comes through well even when diluted with tonic. It is also an idea, if you have the choice, to get really red sticks so you get a nice soft pinkness through the gin.

Beara Hill, Devon
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