Salmon Mash

First bring a pan of slightly salted water to the boil and add the potatoes, leaving their skins on. They should take around 15-20 minutes to ensure they are almost falling apart.

While the potatoes are bubbling away take a small pan and add the salmon with enough milk just to cover and put to a medium to low heat. Gently simmer until salmon the flakes apart easily. This should take approximately 6 minutes once the milk is simmering.

Chop the carrot into small cubes and the leek into narrow discs. Steam together with the kale for a few minutes until the leeks and kale have softened slightly but still have a bite. Even though the carrots are small they take longer to cook than the leek and kale but this will leave a nice crunch within the mash.

Now all the ingredients are cooked and ready to be combined. When the potatoes are cooked through, drain the water and return the potatoes to the pan. Add a knob of butter and a good splash of milk from the salmon to the potatoes. Season well and mash, adding a little more milk if needed until silky in texture.

Add and stir in the remaining ingredients to the pan, chopping the parsely finely first and leaving the milk and skin from the salmon behind, also keeping back a little cheese to serve. I like to add the salmon in last so that it does not get broken up too much.


This recipe actually came about through my wife's love of anything mashed or puréed. I'm convinced at times she would quite happily eat baby food given the chance.

Great to feed a gathering

It's like an impatient fish pie with your side dishes all thrown in together. It only takes as long as the potatoes follwed by a mash and a stir. For the lack of effort it tastes great. To do this on a larger scale for a bigger group works quite well as the salmon goes a long way and as it is quite a heavy dish, the portions can stretch too. If you were to eat this regularly as a weeknight staple but wanted it to be a bit more healthy, you could leave out the cheese and butter, and even bulk up on the veg for some extra body fuel.

Front Field, Brayford
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