Spring Casserole

with chicken, lardons, leeks, broccoli, peas & basil

Take a medium to large stock pot and fry off the onion and lardons. In a frying pan sear off the chicken thighs ensuring the skin has a golden brown colour. This will soften when cooked in the stock but will add to the flavour.

Bring the stock to a boil and add to the stock pot. Chop the broccoli into floretts and the spring greens finely and add to the stock pot along with the chicken, peas and potatoes.

Heat in the oven for 1 hour at 180°C. Add the chopped spring onions and basil 15 minutes before the finished cooking time.


This is a great light fresh tasting broth that is perfect for a good warm lunch. The chicken skins and bones can be removed before cooking if you prefer and even substituted for breast or leg, however, my personal favourite is the thigh as it's more flavoursome than the breast and more plentiful in meat than the leg.

Breast, thigh or leg?

I do love a dish that you can bung in the oven and forget about then open to a blast of smells and aromas of what is to come.

Bentwitchen, Devon
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