Spring smoothie

of kiwi, mint, baby spinach

Keep a slice of kiwi and a small sprig of mint for a garnish if you wish.

Put all the ingredients into a blender accept the lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into the blend and blend until nice and smooth, giving the blender a good shake half way through to ensure all the lumps have been caught.

Pour into two glasses, place your garnish and drink immediately. Easy as that!


I tend to be a bit wary of green smoothies, mainly due to having a few in the past that have been green for the sake of health rather than flavour. While I am conscious of these all important health benefits, there are certain times when some vegetables and fruits just don't work together when not balanced adequately. Kale is one of these vegetables that is used too often in this way for smoothies. Kale, especially raw, makes smoothies very bitter and irony and is quite an achievement to counteract this with overpowering citrus fruits.

Eating is not about compromise...

The baby spinach is actually a lot milder and mellow than mature spinach and so is gives you a great nutrient boost that does leave you with a compromise on flavour.

Exmoor, Somerset
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