Venison tartare

Take the venison loin and dice it into small cube pieces, left larger if you preferrer or until it resembles a coarse mince and place in a small mixing bowl.

Mince the shallot and cappers then add to the venison along with the smoked salt, a generous amount of cracked black pepper, a good splash of worchestershire sauce, a sparing amount of english mustard, and the fennel seeds ground in a pestle and mortar beforehand.

Give the mixture a good mix and adjust the seasoning with sea salt if needed. This is the time to add a bit more of anything else that may be a preference.

Dived the tartare mixture into 4 and shape into patties, placing on plates to serve. On top of the patty, press in a little dimple. Take an egg, separating the yolk carefully from the white and place the intact yolk into the dimple, then repeat for the others.

To garnish, add a sprinkle of chopped chives and a few pieces of lemon zest.


Venison is not usually peoples first association for tartare, the more famous beef version stealing the limelight most of the time, although traditionally horse is a common alternative in France and more recently tuna is seen on menus.

One for the practicing carnivore…

Tartare simply means, served raw; this being so it is of the upmost importance to get fresh meat from your butcher and it may be an idea to mention and even stress the fact that you will be making venison tartare just to make sure they get the freshest out for you.

Exmoor, Devon
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