Yorkshire Rainbow Trout

roasted with pearl barely, apricots & cherry tomatoes

Take a small pan and place on a medium to low heat. Add a knob of butter and the pearl barley and stir so all the butter coats the pearl barley. Now add the water and stir regularly. Continue to stir for 15 minutes until it is just slightly undercooked and drain.

Finely chop the onion and sweat in a pan for a few minutes.

Roughly crush the hazelnuts and toast in a dry frying pan until slightly browned.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Cut 6 thin slices from the lemon and then cut these in 1/2 across the middle with a sharp knife and place the 1/2 lemon slices within. Rub the fish a little salt and add a light coating of oil to all surfaces.

Remove the tomatoes from one of the vines and cut in 1/2. Now roughly chop the parsely and mint. Add the tomatoes, pearl barley, onions, parsely, and mint to the pan and stir through.

Next take a shallow troasting tray, large enough roast both fish, drizzle a little oil in the bottom. Pour in the pearl barley and spread acorss the bottom of the tray. Cut the apricots in 1/2, removing the stone and scatter over the pearl barley, then sprinkle over hazelnuts. Finally place both fish on the top and then add the other vine of cherry tomatoes. Drizzle oil over the dish ensuring everything is lightly covered.

Place in the oven for 35 minuteas and serve.


I can always gauge the success of a recipe I've cooked by how eagar my wife, Faye, is too sample it. On this particular occasion she was hovering over my shoulder with a fork at the ready.

Wife tested

You may be thinking this dish might be a bit stodgy, but it is actually quite a light, fresh meal. The parsely and mint combined together with the sweetness from the apricots really transforms the otherwise quite bland tasting pearly barley.

Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire
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